Phallosan Forte Review, Results, Gains with pics(2018)

Phallosan Forte: The best penis extender

Phallosan Forte penis extender is an orthopedic belt system that makes use of vacuum protector technology to effectively and rapidly enlarge the penis. It might interest you to know that it is the only patented FDA approved penis device that makes use of this confirmed pattern of enlarging the penis.

The tension of this device can be adjusted with the help of the 3-way valve so that you are not made uncomfortable while using the product. This cannot be said for other penis extenders as many users complain of pain after few hours of use.

The Phallosan Forte penis extender comes with a “traffic light” to help you know at which tension you are using the product.

The tension pressure is as follows:

  • 31lb (yellow)
  • 43lb (yellow)
  • 41lb (red)
  • 61lb (red)
  • 87lb (green)
  • 88lb (green)

The uniqueness of Phallosan Forte

This is the only penis device that does not require an external pumping tube or ball when in use. The suction bell helps you to control the pressure that is exerted on the penis so that you can gradually build your resistance level.

Unlike other devices, Phallosan Forte comes in 3 sizes of small, medium and large so that you do not have to keep guessing which size would fit. And as you grow, you can always switch to the next size and continue your growth. Now, how convenient is that?

Besides, as earlier mentioned, it is the only penis extender that makes use of a medical procedure that has been practiced over the years without any side effect.

Another interesting thing about Phallosan Forte is that it can be concealed under your clothing. This means that you can wear it to work or any outdoor activity without anyone telling that you are wearing a penis extender. This means you can get in more penis workout while out. This cannot be said about other penis devices.

Advantages of Phallosan Forte penis extender

Boosts sexual confidence – there is no doubt that the size of your penis can positively or negatively affect your sexual confidence. And if left unattended to, it can creep into your general self-esteem. This is why there is always an increase in the number of people seeking for penis enlargement. Phallosan Forte penis extender is a safe way of enlarging your penis without subjecting it to hthe armful procedure. All you need is time and you will be amazed at the result.

Helps in correcting curved penis – many men suffer from the curved penis and this also affects the functionality of their penis especially during sex. With Phallosan Forte, this issue will be solved.

Cures retracted penis – after prostate or bladder surgery, many men suffer from penis retraction as a side effect from the surgery. Also, weight gain can also cause the skin to cover up the penis and make it appear smaller and retracted. These issues can be helped with the use of Phallosan Forte penis device. You will not just get to extract the penis but also increase it in the process.

Erectile dysfunction – this is the inability of a man to get and sustain an erection. And this is usually as a result of poor blood flow to the penile tissues. Phallosan Forte improves blood flow, oxygen and delivers nutrients that are needed for an erection. This results in hard and sustained erection for a longer period of time.


Phallosan Forte Vs Other Penis extenders

Phallosan Forte has a lot of advantages that should be taken into account when choosing among extenders.

Here is a comparison chart.

Comparison chart
Phallosan Vs competitors


  • Easy to use

First of all, it is easy to use. When going to the toilet you should take it off and thanks to its simple structure Phallosan Forte is easy to take off. After watching the instructional DVD you can get used to it quickly and do it just in 20 seconds.

  • Clinically proven results

The average result of all test patients at non-erect and erect stages is 3.6 sm(1.41) and 2.9 sm(1.14).

  • Higher self-esteem and longer relations

Probably, there is not anybody more confident than a man with a bigger penis. So why shouldn’t you want a bigger penis, particularly when it is so easy to get and there are a number of methods to achieve it. The larger is your penis, the longer will last your relations with your partner.

  • Convenient to use

The Phallosan Forte is comfortable to use, as it is unnoticeable underneath clothing and won’t affect your daily life. Thus, the elongation process occurs smoothly and safely, without extra stress.



The whole process is done due to the continuous elongation which you do by the orthopedic belt system developed by Phallosan Forte. Thanks to the special vacuum method the penis can not only become longer but also larger, so you gain progress in size and length meanwhile. In more details, the penis tissue is stimulated to create new cells and it is done by gently stretching the penis. The unnoticeable vacuum created by Phallosan Forte effects on the entire penis and even the glans.  Due to the high degree of comfort, the user may wear it even for 10 hours without any pain or inconvenience. You can notice greater results after using it regularly and correctly. We have even created a special schedule for using it.



Week 1

You may use it for 1-2 hours for 6 days a week with 1 day off.

Week 2

You may make the time period longer adding an extra 2 hours and wearing Phallosan Forte for 4 hours with 1 day off. You may even add the extension bigger, but bearable.

Week 3

Add 2 more hours and 1 day off, and add some tension that you can handle.

Week 4

Increase the period up to 8-10 hours and try to use the maximum tension, if you are able to bear it.


TIP. The results will be noticeable after a few weeks, so take patience and use it regularly. After 6 months you will not recognize your own penis.


My personal Review and Results after 8 months

I have been using Phallosan Forte for the recent 8 months, and now I am ready to share my results with you.

You can meet cheaters at every step when you have faced the penis enlargement issue. There are so many devices out there, suggesting numbers that seemed real at that time. I wasted a whole fortune on these cheaters during just six months.

I was not confident with my 4.5 inches and avoided women for a long time.  It was difficult for me to let a woman near me.

Thus, I started buying and checking every product that promised penis enlargement. I bought one after another until I noticed that the balance on my card is near to 0. However, when you are disappointed, the money doesn’t matter at all, isn’t it? Thus, I tried to find something, that will work, though found a bunch of products that didn’t work anyhow.

After a lot of experiments on me, I understood,

  • Pills don’t work at all. At first sight, they seem easier, cheaper, but they are useless in the end.
  • Pumps don’t work too. I found out for me that they are not long term.
  • Instead, surgery does work, but it is risky and you are not sure what you will have in the end, maybe you will be left with a penis potentially damaged?

The long road of my experiments came to its end when I found something that was medically proved to work.

The essence of this study was the following: Bunch of men who wore the extender for six months, and all of them had progressed at the end of the experiment. Moreover, a year after the clinical trial the examination showed that they all have maintained the progress, so the results are permanent.

As an expert in using all sorts of extenders, I have discovered that there is a big problem about them, that the marketers keep secret. In order the extender was effective, you should wear it at least 10 hours a day, but the majority of extenders have a noose that is attached to the tip of the penis to lengthen it, and it is really painful, so you can’t wear it for more than 30-45 minutes. The case is that the noose cuts off the circulation and the head of the penis goes numb and gets purple.

While doing research, I came across this guy’s comment, who had a similar issue and suggested using Phallosan.

The difference was that Phallosan Forte is like other penis extender but it doesn’t have a noose, instead of it, it uses a sleeve/suction bell on the penis head.

You just need to stench (so known as penis stretcher) the penis with a strap.

After watching a video how a guy was using it, I made up my mind to try it. Another advantage of Phallosan Forte was that it had a money-back guarantee, after ordering it, if you find that it hurts, you can return it.

Before Phallosan extender would arrive, I read a lot of reviews about it, and, thank God, all of them were positive and with good results. One of them even had developed a schedule wearing. It was a good thing, and I believe that if you are up to using Phallosan Forte, you should start with a dedicated schedule.

FAQs about Phallosan Forte

What are my gains per month in inches?

Well, I used it for 8 months and got 2 inches. It is about 0.25 inches per month, so you should give it time.

Do I have a warranty?

Sure, you get 2-year warranty as soon as you buy it. If it breaks down or something goes wrong, they will replace your device.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, they are. You should wear it at least six months to obtain permanent results, the longer, the better.

What if I don’t like it or it won’t be convenient?

In these cases, they have the money back guarantee. You just need to announce that for 14 days and you will get your money back.

Can I use it in my workplace?

Sure, you can. It is not obvious under clothing unless you wear too tight jeans.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. You may put on it while sleeping, walking or working. It doesn’t cut the circulation and I wear it overnight too.

When are the results visible?

When you start using Phallosan Forte, you should let the device take its time. You won’t see the results as fast as in 5-7 days. It is a long and slow process, but in the end you are awarded with permanent results. After seven months you can enjoy the results and you won’t even recognise your own tool. It will be bigger, larger and ready to invade new territories.



Phallosan Forte penis extender is the only device that can be worn up to 12 hours because of how comfortable it is. And it can be concealed under loose clothing making it possible to be worn outdoors.

If you must go for a penis enlargement device, Phallosan Forte penis extender is your best bet because not only is it safe, but it has been scientifically proven to work. It is the only penis extender that has gotten the highly sought-after approval of the FDA.

You should give this device a try, as it’s worth its cost. I don’t imagine my life without Phallosan Forte. It has changed my whole life from grey to green. I get laid with ladies at least twice a week and no shame, no in confidence, nothing bothers me. Finally, I have gained 2 inches which are not a bad result, I think. I continue using it to obtain better results. Phallosan also makes the head of your penis bigger, except for the progress in size and girth. Now I enjoy my life to the fullest and get fun of it.


You can order for your original Phallosan Forte penis extender from the manufacturer’s website.




[1] Paolo Gontero et al.; A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’, BJUI, 9 of July 2008